Day 27 – Lago del Mis

I left Primalona and headed up the hill; the weather was forecast to be hot. I cycled into Letre, and after I passed the town, the vast mountains of the dolomites appeared in the distance. I took the cycling route into Belluno which was a bit of mistake cause it was gravel path, which for my bike is quite tricky, but on the path, you can relax without the sound or fast pace of the moving cars.

It was hot, but Belluno was stunning, an old city with a huge mountain backdrop. I wondered around checking out the narrow stone streets before relaxing on the grass before the typical afternoon storm came in. I had planned to go down the mountains and onto the flat land, but I wanted to go into the Dolomites and check it out. I saw this Lake called Lago del Mis from somewhere so thought I would stock up on supplies and head over. The weather terrible but cleared as I got going. I reached the town in the evening and what an impressive place. You come through a tunnel and out onto the lake, the sun was just going down, so you saw the warm summer glow reflect onto the mountains and the lake.

There were signs saying no camping, so I decided to find somewhere slightly out the way. I watch the sun go down on the lake before settling into my tent for the night. The detour here had proved very worthwhile, the place it stunning.