Day 26 – Mtito Andei to Tsavo National Park

So today was the day I was going to run through the national park after yesterday’s misunderstanding and was going to be escorted. They arrived at 9.30, 4 of them and the two in the back carrying automatic weapons.(what was I getting myself into!!). they took me to the point they had picked me up and I got running, it was already boiling hot outside but now I had an audience to watch me run!!! The painkillers were working but I knew it was going to be a long day, so I needed to pace myself. I had done 30km by lunch time on the Tsavo bridge where we stopped but the painkillers had worn off and the heat was tough going but I was determined to make it out of the park today.

I am out of the national park alive!! Thanks to @kenyawildlifeservice. I was struggling towards the end but once I hit 50km I was out of the park and meant that tomorrow I wouldn’t need to be police escorted. The views over the park were awesome although I would love to report on wild elephants marching towards me as I ran or hearing a lion roar as I went past, sadly there was limited game on the route I was taking, a few zebra and baboons, but this was to the relief of my team escorting me as no shots were fired. I am now only 210km for the finish line and tomorrow I will be staying with Wildlifeworks.