Day 26 – Primalamo

As I left, I thought I was going to get the chance to say goodbye and thank you to the owner, but sadly it didn’t happen so wrote a note in my best Italian or should I say google translate!

I got going before managing to get on a trail with a comfortable cycling path away from the traffic.

This is where you usually meet other bike tourers, going the opposite way or in front of you. Today was no different. However, I notice a girl walking with quite a large backpack, being in Italy, very rarely do you see someone with fair hair and skin, so I assumed she must be a tourist like me. She said she was dutch and a name that went straight over my head! She was walking from Holland to Florence, why, because she liked walking. We chatted away and exchanged Instagrams to follow each other, she was only going to a town that I was going to lunch, so I felt we probably not see each other.

But after reaching the town of Primalamo and grabbing a quick bite before relaxing in the afternoon. The place was awful and with a grumpy owner. Just when I was thinking of taking off, the heavens opened, and the thunderstorms decided to make its afternoon appearance. Cycling in the rain didn’t appeal to me, I got comfortable at the bar, and then the dutch girl I met earlier came down so we had a drink and some food, shared stories and admired how terrible the owner was.

With travelling, you meet so many interesting people and the last few days have been no different. Maybe with the freedom, I have now and no timeline to get to the destination.