Day 25 – Mtito Andei

I was up at dark and the second a glimmer of light was there I went for it. I emptied everything in my backpack except water and food, and my poles in case my leg went. However, after 20 km a green land rover pulled up next to me and asked what I was doing. I told them and they told me that it was against park rules to run through the park alone or without a permit, sounds obvious probably but I was informed that it was ok as long as I was on the road. So I was forced to stop and taken back to where I started. They gave me a number to call to sort it out. The rest of the day was sitting by the pool and waiting. By the afternoon, I was chatting to a park ranger about it and what he could do to get me through the national park along with all sorts of topics about Tsavo, so tomorrow I am set although I have to start at 9 rather than dusk cause it is too hot for the animals then!! There was a power cut in town so I had supper in the dark practically and went to bed. Going to try and make up for lost time tomorrow. Thanks for all the support