Day 24 – Kibwezi to Mtito Andei

Again the staff cooked up a storm, eggs, bacon, fruit, porridge the works! Before kindly dropping me off at the point I left the evening before. There was little to report all day, the scenery was the same throughout. I had the Chluyu hills national park on my right but they were so far away they could have been any hills. Today was about getting through to Mtito Andei and prepare me to run through Tsavo national park!! People along the way have kindly reminded me about the ‘Man-Eaters of Tsavo’ but don’t worry I have had training in what to do if I encounter a lion……. don’t look at it. I got to Tsavo inn hotel late afternoon, dipped my legs into the pool before tucking into quite a supper. Plan for tomorrow is to run 45 – 50 km and then catch a bus back to the hotel if I am still in one piece…….