Day 24 – Mezzana to Levico Terme

The aim was to get to Trento and beyond, make up for time lost getting the bike fixed; I cycled down the river, it is obviously a popular route as the paths were full of bikes and people. The mountains were getting smaller but still great to look at and cycle through.

When I turned onto the main road and around the mountain, a view that stretched for miles. I was quite difficult staying on the right route into Trento as the main road wouldn’t allow cyclists. This, is, of course, the primary cycling touring route as I was suddenly surrounded by cyclists from all over Europe with their panniers and electric bikes, whizzing past me!

Once I got into Trento, I found a small cafe in the centre to relax in, charge my phone and keep out of the midday sun although, by the time I arrived, it was 2.30. I was making use of the end to no money and eating a croissant or two, soaking up some of the Italian cuisines. By the late afternoon, the weather had taken a turn for the worst, so I tried to head up the hill towards Belluno. It has been severely steep, so part of it was pushing it up. Out of one valley and into another. It was getting darker earlier now so suddenly I found myself searching for a spot hidden away from onlookers. I thought I might find one near a tourist castle with a field in front but upon inspection, I concluded it might be difficult, I ended up cycling with night falling fast, saw a layby and settled there under a tree as I predicted a storm coming. I set up and watched the lightning storm unfold until the rain started to trickle down on me, and I took shelter in my tent.