Day 23 – Kiboko to Kibwezi

I left as soon as I woke and get out of Kiboko asap, my least favourite place so far. I spent the early parts on a dusty road which was causing my foot to blister as the dust rubbed against the skin. Again I tried to run but with all the pressure being placed on my right leg, my hamstring there has tightened up meaning by the end of each day it cramps up. I got to Makindu around 9 and wondered where to have breakfast when I came across a Sikh temple, let’s check that out, I went in and was escorted to the dining room where I was told off for not wearing the right headgear but once that was sorted I sat down to breakfast of curry!! I was so hungry I didn’t care and actually, it was really good and the place was really nice too. I left feeling quite satisfied and headed toward Kibwezi taking a slightly hilly short cut.

I arrived in Kibwezi mid afternoon, it’s always the last 10 km that are a struggle, you feel so close but you have so far to go. I got a scooter to take me to where Debbie and Robin lived. They sadly were not there but they very kindly said I could have their house for the night as long as I didn’t mind sharing with the three dogs I relaxed, showered and did nothing for about 3 hours and it felt great. The house chef then cooked up a storm in the kitchen and believe me it tasted as good as it looked. It wasn’t too long after that, that I called it a night another gruelling day awaits me tomorrow only 42km though to Mtito Andei.