Day 22 – Walcott, IA to Cedar Rapids, IA

77 miles

Well, I would love to say what a fantastic day I had, but sometimes you just get your head down and cycle, so there was not much to report home about. I left the Inn in a rush leaving my wet pants and socks still hanging in my room! Although clean I did feel sorry for the poor maid who would have to pick those things up! Then after leaving I somehow got on the wrong road and headed south. I did think it was odd that after 15 miles, the sign for the comfort inn was still very apparent in the distance, that’s when I knew something was wrong.

I ended up in a small town for lunch, hungry and thirsty. I settled for the first place I saw, Big Error!! They produced a horrible burger which was close to not been edible, so ended up in the main centre of the town to see if I could get something more substantial.

After lunch, I hit the road, except it was quite a busy road with no hard shoulder to go on. When lorries start stalling on the highway behind you, you should maybe think about getting off that road because you are quite a hazard. However, I chose to stay on and rode all the way to Cedar Rapids. I made no friends, a woman followed me off the highway into a gas station and told me how she nearly crashed into me but swerved just in time. I was not sure whether to thank her or to say sorry, so just went with both to make life easier.

I was going to camp for the night but decided as I was in a city it would be best to avoid it, so set myself up in an Inn for the night. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.