Day 21 – Malili to Sultan Hammad

I said my goodbyes and my scooter friend took me to the spot I had left. I thought I would try running to start with…. bad idea, a sharp pain rushed up my leg almost to the point where I was sick. Maybe start walking and see how it feels later after 5km it did feel better. The scenery was changing, the flat plains had now been replaced with rolling hills and my word was it frustrating to have an injury so I could enjoy running down them. I reached Salama for lunch, and with meat cut out of my diet at slightly less reputable establishments, I really do have a limited choice. 3 pieces of cheap white bread, avocado and some green vegetables that I swear they sprinkled with sugar. Yummy !!!!


The heat picked up in the afternoon but it was still quite overcast much to my relief. I reached Sultan Hammad in the late afternoon. I went to the nearest hotel that I could find, I didn’t care how grotty it looked I was going straight to sleep after supper. They showed me to my room, I got showered and went down for supper, ordered my food and waited…… and waited some more. It took near 1 1/2 hours for a bowl of rice to come, nothing yet on this trip has reduced me to tears but I was on the verge by the time the food came. I was so hungry, so very hungry!!! When it did finally come, it was good and an enormous relief washed over me.