Day 2 – Canterbury, UK to Moulle, Fra

18th July 2017

Oliver had to leave early, so I headed into Canterbury town centre to check the place out before heading down to Dover. The town has an old medieval charm about it; I was there early, so there were not many people about, which meant it felt like I had the cathedral all to myself. I got going down to Dover through the Kent Downs, the rolling hills were great to look at from above but climbing them on my bike was not as pleasant.

I arrived in Dover with a few hours to spare, so headed up to the white cliffs to check it all out. Unfortunately, my bike could only get me so far so had to see it from a distance, but with the sun shine bright and the turquoise sea in the distance the white cliffs certainly showed their features.

I had had little time to write up about my trip, so when I finally got on the ferry, I went to a quiet spot to catch up. I had 30km to get to my stop from Dunkirk, and it felt effortless, the area was flat and the roads were good, the wind was on my back. It was a cyclist paradise.

Arriving I met Raphaelle and Alexandre who welcomed me into their newly built small house, they’re lived almost off the grid and try and grow all their vegetables; They showed me around the place before getting the one thing all cyclist crave at the end of the day, a shower. Feeling better we settled down for supper, lentils, potatoes and green beans followed by home made (of course) ice cream. We chatted about all sorts of topics until we called it a night. Today the miles had been cut from the first, and I was feeling better for it, but tomorrow I am cycling 120km to a French town called Cantin, I hope I will have the energy to get there.