Day 19 – Meran to Tridate

I was awake early to see Dario off. We had breakfast together before we said our goodbyes. I stayed for a bit getting everything sorted before I headed down and out of the valley. I had a steep hill to climb but once I was over it was flat, and I was back to corn fields and flat tarmac.

It was hot. I cycled until I couldn’t take it anymore. The heat wave was too much, and I got some shade and relaxed for an hour. I was not staying with anyone, so I was relaxed and under no stress to make it to a place before a sociable time. While I relaxed I decided to message an Instagram follower who kindly said a few weeks back, if I was passing through Como I can come and stay, so I took him up on offer.

The afternoon flew by with not much excitement; it was flat and hot as hell. The mountains were a distant silhouette on my left as I cycled towards Lake Como.

I just seemed to cycle till it was getting dark, my thinking was the more I do now, the less I do tomorrow, and the longer I have in Como, a Lucifer heat wave is forecast for tomorrow, and I have no interested in being in the sun for it. I found a spot about a 1km off the road by an abandoned electric tower, not the most picturesque but I wanted to sleep and didn’t really care.