me in Chicago

Day 19 Chicago, IL to Morris, IL

70 Miles

I decided to get out early to make up the miles. I said goodbye to Victor before heading off, out of Chicago.


I would say if I haven’t already that I am now in a pretty good rhythm while I am cycling. Meeting fellow cyclists as I pass them always makes the journey more pleasant and interesting. I now always greet them with a, “Hi there” followed by a “Hello” if there is a second person. I think the motorcyclist and I have a little thing going on too, as when we pass we always give a slight nod of the head, I have yet to meet the Hell’s Angels biker though!!


I hit the trail about 30 miles out that took me all the way to Joliet for lunch, a good sandwich and a complimentary chilli mince from the waitress went down a treat. I seemed to hit lunch at the perfect time as when I went through the doors the heavens opened and it rained down for about half an hour.


The evening was drawing in and I thought I would take an early supper in the town of Morris, just off the trail, before getting another 20 odd miles and pitching my tent on the trail. However, after a quick supper there, I was getting ready to leave when a group of adults started chatting to me about my trip. After a quick chat, they asked me if I would like to join them for a glass of wine, After been reluctant to start with I eventually accepted their kind offer. They took me into Montage, an elegant wine bar in the centre of town. This town was full of some of the nicest people, the group I was with were really chatty, a little boozed up but generally, great fun to be with. I got to know them and each one of them offered me a place to stay, so I had plenty of choices! I accepted the Applegate’s family offer of a bed and ventured back to theirs for a shower. I did find it a little awkward when I had showered and had nothing to wear afterwards, and had to go down to say goodnight in a tiny towel!! They asked me to stay up with them but I was shattered and couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Maybe the wine had gone to my head but the second I hit the pillow I was out. It turned out that Friday the 13th was a very lucky day for me in the end!!