Day 17 – Albertville to Le Rosiere

I was half asleep when Xavier left, but Anouch and I had breakfast together. She kept cutting the bread, and we(mainly me) would finish it then she would cut more, and this process went on for about four times before I was slightly embarrassed about asking for more again. I packed up my things before Anouch kindly gave me the loaf as I was leaving saying she didn’t need it. Things like this go such a long way with me, I ration them little by little. I still have the package from Josh and Milly; it would have been eaten in seconds if I could spend but I never know when I will next taste chocolate or have a loaf of bread.

I was all about climbing to today, again the heat was relentless, but I managed to get to Bourg St Maurice early afternoon before looking up at the climb to the pass and over into Italy. I rested under a tree while the heat picked up and fell asleep. Around four I thought it was time to get going and what a climb it was.

The heat was still high, and the gradient grew as I went higher, the views, however, were stunning down one valley to the other.