Day 17 – Runda, Nairobi to Athi River

I tried to give a timeline to the changing scenery on my run today with the pictures above. I woke stiff but thought it would be better to try and run down to Athi River and out of Nairobi over the weekend when the traffic might be okay, I didn’t need my backpack, my objective was to get as far out as possible and avoid the traffic and people. I took some painkillers, strapped my leg up as tight as possible and got going, it started ok, very hilly but manageable and then I started to move into the centre where it was slow going because I was trying to avoid the traffic and people. I was running through some varying scenes of Nairobi from the green forest of Karura to the highway out of Nairobi so not all that pleasant at times!! I made it to just before Athi River by lunch and felt pleased to of got out in one piece and a decent starting place on Monday.

I jumped on a bus to get back to Nairobi from the highway, I now had 36 hours to rest and get my leg seen to. I then jumped on a motorbike to head back to Runda. I tell you don’t need ski diving or bull-running in Spain to be pumped full of adrenaline, try going on one of these in Nairobi centre, you literally are asking for an early death!!! Weaving in and out of buses and cars, at one point a bus stopped less than an inch away from crushing my right leg and while I was bracing for the end on that side, another motorcycle crashed into the other side banging my left leg. Good to add another injury to the already growing list!!! Check out the video to get a small flavour of what it’s like…..when I was back in Runda I did a bit of shopping and headed back to the house, where we chilled out for the rest of the day watching Narcos and ordering pizzas. The dream !!