Day 15 –  Lake Naivasha to Limuru

Finally a decent night sleep. I packed up and although slightly weak was determined to get going. The problem with my Calf muscle and ankle had been shin splints so I taped up my entire left leg to stop the pain and movement for that matter. I knew running would end quickly in my state so made the early decision to walk the entire way. Walking for 9 hours was going to challenging, frustrating and quite boring. Although when I was up from Naivasha around lunchtime there was a bit of excitement, to say the least. As I was walking on the side of the road a pickup truck pull up out of the blue right in front of me with 8 army dressed people in masks carrying what looked like AK47s, they can’t be for me, right? As I walked passed them pretending I didn’t see them they started shouting something. Of course, at this point, I was bracing myself for something to happen to me, luckily in the corner of my I eye I saw a guy fall to ground pleading and a few others running off. So just carried on before stopping for lunch.

I knew I was at the top of the escarpment but there were few opportunities to see the view down out over the valley as you can see from the picture, it was only when after 40 odd km I decided to call it a day and catch a bus to Limuru where I was staying with the Green’s. It didn’t quite go to plan when the bus did an early turning to somewhere I hadn’t planned for and then I had to jump out and run back onto the road towards where I had just been. Eventually, after a bit of trouble, I met David who took me back to his for some homegrown tea and toast. It was amazing after the struggle I had.

After a bit he took me down to his son’s house Rory where I hobbled in for a warm bath, we were at 2500m so it is quite nippy outside. We sat around for supper of domino’s pizza and chatted about Kenya and my trip before laying down on Tuesday sofa in front of the fire. I was dozing off and Rory had been up early for a flight so we packed it in early.