Day 15 – Chamonix to Annecy

Not the best night sleep, if any. As I woke another storm was brewing, and I was held up in the tent for a couple of hours.until the clouds parted, and the sun came out. I headed down to Chamonix where I met a friend of Josh’s called Dean. We went for a drink and chatted for a while, then as I was leaving he offered me a croissant, I couldn’t reject that!

I got going but it was slow as I kept stopping to take it all in, the scenery here is majestic. It was a small climb before heading down the valley, once I was down it was easy, but around 5.00 the heat was strong, and it was a climb to Annecy. I was dripping with sweat by the time I arrived and was early to my host, Sarah so headed down into the centre to see the lake and what was going on. I had to be quick as I had arranged to meet around 7.00pm.

I was greeted by Sarah helping me into the lift with my bike before showing me into her flat, she asked if I wanted a shower first (that bad hey!) It felt amazing to be clean, and I afterwards went in to chat over a glass of water. I met her husband there, and they were telling me tales of their adventures and the people who had been staying, they wanted to travel across Canada and told them to go for it, if it were anything like America, it would be amazing. When I saw the giant bowl of pasta on the shelf for supper my eyes lit up, a huge bowl of pasta with pesto always goes down a treat. We had chatted into the late evening before they wanted to go to bed and after last night so did I. Tomorrow I get to check out Lake Annecy before heading over to Albertville and up into the Alps again.