Day 14 – Clyde, OH to Wasseau, OH

87 miles

I have had some pretty bad mornings in the past but this was definitely up there, the trains got going again at 5 am and the usual sounding of the horn commenced too. It was similar to someone in the seat behind you pressing it up against your ear. When I finally got up I had the worst headache. I decided this would be the perfect time to test out some of my camping cooking equipment, so I rustled up some oatmeal (Porridge) for breakfast. Without sugar at hand I mixed it with some peanut butter, it went down ok but there is a reason why it is not a familiar combination.


I got going and a quick breakfast in the next town and a bit of a watch of the Wimbledon Final to see Murray lose the Murray lose the second set. I cycled through the trail till I reached the town of Perrysburg and for some bizarre reason everything was closed, I was getting hungry and out of desperation for something to eat I stop at a van in the park to order some horrendous nachos and ice cream, a wonderful combo indeed. There I met a guy called Tim, I wasn’t sure whether he could just see the state of me or just smell me but he very kindly offered me a shower at his place, a couple of miles down the road. I couldn’t resist and headed down to Yoderville, a population of 7! There he welcomed me into his home and I met his family. After a much-needed shower, I relaxed a bit, then after a couple of hours I thought I should get a few more miles under my belt but then his wife goes into the fridge as I am clipping into my pedals and takes out a whole chicken and some lovely looking vegetables. Feeling a little starved this was another kind offer I couldn’t refuse. After meeting more of the family as stacking up with all sorts that they had given me, I finally got going. I managed to get about 30 miles before dark and set up my tent on the playing fields in Waasau, legal or not, I wasn’t sure, but no one bothered me. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words and support so far.