Day 13 – Verbier

Day off, since I started pretty much my drone has not been working, it was working fine in the UK, but on day 3, I began to have problems, so I have been carrying a heavy drone around with no use. The morning was to try and get this work, and after about four hours of numerous youtube clips and DJI website, I still had no luck. Joe who helps run Mountain Air with his brother kindly said I could head up to get my bike checked so after a light lunch I took my bike up the hill to get it seen by one of the mechanics.

You would have thought in the mountains on one’s day off, you would want to hike up to see the scenery or go off road biking, but all I wanted to do was relax. I sat outside Le Bec in one of the lounge seats next to an older gentleman from Scotland who lives now near Verbier, and for about three hours chatted away about the mountains and love of Switzerland.

Once Josh had finished work, he set me up with some climbing pants before we headed down to the wall. I have wanted to climb for quite a while so was loving it, although I was quite hungry and was using the muscle that I knew was going to cause me pain the next morning. A friend had very generously given me dinner at t-bar on him, and I was keen to check out the new Japanese style menu, so after climbing and feeling rather peckish, we head over, where I wanted to order everything on the menu. They were super friendly there and even offered me a free t shirt for my journey ahead!