Day 12 – Le Chable to Verbier

As camping nights go, this was a good night. I was slow getting out but drank another shake, ate a few nuts and got going; this hill was a killer, 600m to 1500m in 7km. I took it slow; I wasn’t in any rush, my friends who I was staying with were at work, so I enjoyed the views and embraced the hill and my sore legs!

As I arrived in town, I walked up the hill with a hiker who had managed to get lost hiking the Haute route. We chatted as we had got to the centre of town before I guided him in the right direction and I went to the flat where I was staying, After I was briefly locked in a garage, I settled down and relaxed in the apartment before people started to come in the late afternoon. It was incredible seeing so many familiar faces and relax. Izzy came in and introduced herself before popping out again, Joe then came in, and I don’t think was expecting me, then Milly who greeted me with a huge hug and then Josh did.

Joe had a few friends over from the UK, so we had drinks and nibbles before settling down to a huge dinner of Fajita’s, so much food, I was almost overwhelmed! We laughed around the table telling each other’s stories before deciding to head out for a band playing in Farinet. The summer here has an entirely different vibe from the one in the winter, calm, relaxed and not that many people around. With the lack of money or should I say none, I was on the water although I was offered numerous times whether I wanted a pint. The band was playing a great set and lay the mood for the night, Just before close we headed back for the evening, it was a great feeling to know that tomorrow I could relax and not worry about making up the miles.