Day 11 – Lausanne to Le Chable

I was awake early, but I relaxed as I did think I had that far to go although it was another climb, I decided to spend the morning with Lilly and Oscar, after breakfast, we chilled out on the sofa until around midday when the heat had picked up, and we all decide to go our separate ways. The good thing about climbing the steep hills in the pleasure of going down them and in particular through the vineyards.

The sun was out, and I was able to cycle along the lake for about 20 odd km, stopping under a tree or two along the way. The place is incredible; I love it here. It was flat, and after a few mountains, you appreciate the flat bits. I rode into Martigny in the late afternoon and started climbing towards Le Chable; I thought I would camp as I had planned for a rest day in Verbier.

As I rode into Marigny in the evening, one of the problems I found was that, by not meeting anyone, I couldn’t have any food. It was a difficult thing for me, do I beg, do I engage with the few people in town? Instead, I decided to test my stamina with just Huel and a few nuts to see if I can feel ok relying on just this for 36 hrs. I walked up to the hill for a bit into I found a bit of open land hidden away from the crowds, I set up my tent, with the view down the valley, not going to lie, I think it was the most picturesque spot I have ever camped in. I settle for a shake for supper and a few nuts before slowly drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow I have the steep climb to Verbier.