Day 11 – Lake Nakuru to Lake Elementaita

I was up early to pack and get ready for the day. The ankle was still not good so the painkillers were there at the ready now. I had breakfast and said my goodbyes to everyone before Tristan drove me down to catch a bus to Lake Nakuru where I had finished the day before. I was so sad to leave, it had been an amazing few days there and Tristan, Megan and Imogen could not have been more welcoming @offbeatsafaris. I followed the highway around Nakuru before turning off onto a dirt road that runs parallel, you do meet some interesting characters on the side of the road!! The one day I was really struggling to run was the day I wanted to get away fast!! Once I got into the dirt road it was quiet and I stopped under a tree for lunch after 25km for lunch before passing out for an hour, to be woken by a group of four coming towards me, after earlier I was mentally preparing myself to get up and leave but they can over to shake my hand and say welcome to our country of Kenya and have an amazing time during your stay and then left. Just incredible how hospitable Kenyans are to people and welcoming.


My objective was to get to Elementaita with the least amount of damage to my ankle as possible and got there mid afternoon. I met Francesca who very kindly took me to Eagles point on the edge of Lake Elementaita and what a view they have. They showed me to my house and there I got showered and relax before heading up to meet everyone for supper. The issue was that they have supper a little later than I do and I was struggling to keep my eyes open after getting up at 5.30. They very kindly made me some food quickly before telling to go to bed!! I was out like a light.