Day 10 – Pontarlier to Lausanne

Been cyclists, Annie knew what I wanted, bread, pancakes, eggs and earl grey tea, the works! It had been such a pleasure getting to know these two, and they couldn’t have made my life easier for me. As I packed up my stuff, they took a picture of me; they have an album of all the cyclists that have stayed. The weather is meant to kind to me, but the clouds were looking gloomy.

There was a bit of climb to start with but once I was over, the clouds parted, and I was flying for miles and miles down hill. I was through the border without a check and into Switzerland. I arrived in Lake Geneva in the early afternoon, and it looked amazing, dark blue with mountains as the backdrop. I cycled slowly taking it all in before heading to Lily and Oscar’s place, friends from my season. She had warned me it was quite a hill to get up to take a long way round as it is an easier climb, I had been wondering around Lake Geneva aimlessly and missed the turn so had to take the country road up, it started slowly but by the end I was dragging my heavy bike up the hill, no bike could get up this, by the time I arrived I was sweating buckets. Oscar grabbed me a drink, and we sat down to relax and catch up. The view over the lake was insane.

After a long relaxing time on the terrace, I got showered, Lily said I could put a wash, this was music to my ears, I hadn’t washed any of my clothes since I started, only three socks and underwear….. you do the maths!! Oscar has been the former chef cooked a delicious vegetarian curry which I consumed rather too quickly. We relaxed and ended up watching a movie late into the evening. It was so chilled and easy to be there, especially with the view over the Lake, although once I went to bed, I found that the French charger would now not go into the Swiss one, another problem occurs, can’t have it too easy hey!