Day 1 – London, UK to Canterbury, UK

17th July 2017

I was up early to make sure everything was ready to go. I had a 10-mile bike journey from where I was staying to London Tower Bridge, the start point for this trip. The weather forecast is brilliant and that will hopefully stay throughout the trip. After a huge breakfast, I said my goodbyes to the family and I was away, from here on out I cannot spend one penny until I reach Asia.

I marked my spot at London Bridge with a photo or two and then I got going, by the time I left it was already 10.30 and the heat was picking up. The weight in my panniers was slowing me right down but it was a relief once I was free of London. My route map started to take me down some slightly rogue routes, down very narrow pedestrian paths and the gravelled road that I reckon mountain bikes might struggle with, but occasionally I was sent to rather nice remote parks and lakes.

The first day is always the toughest and today was no different the pounding heat was draining me and by 5.00pm I was struggling, I was going 5 miles then stopping for a break, there was little food in me, 1 sandwich and one Huel shake was all I had since 8.00am.

Although slightly later than planned I made it to Oliver’s house. He greeted me and showed round back to drop my bike and then knew exactly what I wanted first, a glass of water followed by a shower! His wife was reading the kids to sleep and then once I was showered and she had finished with the children we were introduced and she warmed me up some supper. She had to pop out for a friends drink but Oliver and I stayed up for a bit chatting about all sorts of topics and adventures we had been on before I called it a night. The first day had been tough but hopefully, it means a slightly more relaxed second day as I am closer to Dover now to head on over to France