Everyone should go on a holiday once in a while to get a much-needed break from everyday life. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a nearby isle or a staycation at a hotel, getting some rest will help you relax and unwind, giving you the fresh start you need. However, if the thought of staying still makes you feel antsy, why not go on a cycling retreat instead?

While people may think that going on a cycling weekend in the UK is an insane idea, it can give you the reset you need to return to work refreshed and recharged. It’s also a great way to travel since you won’t be emitting harmful greenhouse gases. If you’re a hardcore road cyclist anyway, then going on a cycling holiday is the perfect vacation for you. 

Here are three reasons to go on a cycling holiday:

  • It’s Not Just for Dedicated Cyclists

Who says that holidays are meant for napping all the time? They’re opportunities for you to do what you love most, whether that’s recharging in bed while watching your favourite films or getting plenty of exercises. 

You don’t have to be a dedicated cyclist to go on a cycling holiday, either; anyone can bike, and it’s a great way to keep both your mind and body in shape. It’s also a low impact sport, which means you’ll have a smaller chance of getting injured.

The great thing about going on a cycling holiday is that you can control your cycling intensity by picking the best route to traverse. That way, you can enjoy the adrenaline, the breeze, and feel like yourself again.

  • It’s the Perfect Balance Between Mental Rest and Physical Exercise

When you’re on holiday, you’ll usually find yourself rushing between destinations to cram as much sightseeing as you can on your schedule. However, you’ll end up feeling unfulfilled since you didn’t get to soak in the gorgeous views and buildings that you’ve waited so long to see, making you feel frazzled, frustrated, and stressed.

Luckily, you’ll get to relax much more when going on a cycling holiday. The act of cycling strikes a delicate balance between mental rest and physical exercise, as it puts your mind to ease as you pedal away. Not only will you get to feel at peace while seeing the sights and avoiding crowds, but you’ll be giving your body a good workout, too!


  • It Allows You to Enjoy Beautiful Landscapes

The ultimate reason to go on cycling adventures for your next holiday is because of all the wonderful and diverse landscapes you’ll get to see on the road. 

While you can see these same sights while travelling through a car, it’s not as easy to stop and soak in all the beautiful scenery around you. You’ll immediately feel more connected to nature as you admire the natural drops and curves of the UK’s many mountains and hills, helping you feel more inspired and fulfilled.

Being in the middle of Mother Nature is the best for your mental health, and it will give you rare views that are otherwise inaccessible through other means of transportation. Travelling by bicycle allows you to see a different side of the area, creating unforgettable memories you’ll always carry with you.


Taking a break from your everyday responsibilities by going on a cycling retreat is the perfect way to hit the pause button and enjoy everything life offers. The adventure starts where your comfort zone ends, so don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith and explore a cycling holiday for your next vacation!

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