Can a Marine Biologist work from home?

Now Marine biologist, it’s been pretty difficult working from home. I mean, can a Marine biologist work from home?

Absolutely. I think there’s this huge misconception that to be a Marine. Well, I think we’d all love to spend a lot of time outside, but actually, there’s this misconception that. In a Marine Biologist is spend all their time diving, but really there’s, there’s lots of different data that we can get our hands-on, that we don’t even have to leave our offices to attain.

So there’s, you know, for example, the research that I’ve been doing has been a big analysis of all of the published data on plastic in Marine sediments globally. So what we’re trying to answer is where is plastic going in operations? What is the ultimate sink of plastic pollution? Because we know that. A huge amount of plastic is entering oceans.

There’s only a certain amount that can be accounted for floating. And so we want to work out where it’s going, and this obviously has implications for our understanding of how we manage habitats. Is it being ingested? And so that’s. Essentially meant I’ve never had to leave home. All I’ve had to do is just go online, collect all of the data from these papers and then do an analysis.

And this is, of course, you know, research in Mo the Marine science sphere. And so, yeah, you don’t, you don’t have to leave home at all.

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