3 Tailor-made Adventures to have during Lockdown


The boom of the pandemic has likely left you trapped in the four corners of your home, safely away from the disease. In this blog, we inspire you with these three tailor-made adventures.

Although vaccines are indeed rolling out, it’s safe to deduce that things won’t be getting back to normal anytime soon—especially since not everyone has steady access to the treatment just yet.

However, spending more time than necessary in your home will likely have left you itching to experience the outdoors once more.

The best way to enjoy your time outside is through nature, which can perhaps be the safest place for you.

You’ll also need to adhere to social distancing protocols, of course, but the physical, mental, and emotional benefits are undeniably rewarding.

From hiking to frolicking around the water, here are some pandemic-safe adventures you can do beyond the walls of your home:

Adventure Idea #1: Backpacking through your backyard

While technically not away from home, your backyard provides a fun and cost-effective way to engage in outdoor activities once more. It’s easier and more convenient to do, as the possibilities are endless.

Backyard adventures can easily feel like a trip across the country, especially since you can engage in various activities like landscaping, camping, and even gardening.

Feel free to create your own patio, or perhaps a coffee nook right under your favourite tree. The other corner of your backyard can be turned into a vegetable garden, where you can plant fresh herbs to cook hearty meals.

Another area can also be used for camping and stargazing adventures—whatever tickles your curiosity!

Adventure Idea #2: Following near hiking trails

If you wish to go beyond your backyard, investigate possible hiking trails you can engage in. You’ll likely have multiple starting points around your area, so pack up your gears and plan your next adventure.

You’ll need to pack essentials for the trip, such as bottles of water, snacks, and a camera for your views. A mask is also necessary, especially if you anticipate walking with others during the hike.

If you’re worried about overcrowded trails, however, it’s best to first call the park information service to make sure you avoid peak hours. It’s in your best interest to avoid these times, just to remain safe and sound from the spread.

Adventure #3: Biking through the great outdoors

If you’re not much for hiking and staying within the vicinity of your home, consider going on a bike journey. The idea is to invest in a durable bike for your adventure, where you’ll ride along the road to experience the views.

The experience will be exhilarating, especially after being cooped up at home. Although physically demanding, the sense of freedom and accomplishment will be well worth the excursion.

For the best possible experience, you’ll want to engage in a cycling retreat with Ziba Adventures. We offer you the chance to experience the English countryside like never before, with panoramic views to enjoy along the way.

Feeding Your Adventurous Spirit As A Modern Explorer

The pandemic may have changed the world in more ways than one, but with a little preparation and creativity, you’ll pay homage to your sense of adventure once more.

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors, all the while ensuring social distancing. Whether you wish to enjoy a backyard adventure or a cycling getaway, never miss out on the benefits of the great outdoors.

For more tailor-made adventures, Ziba Adventures has you covered. We offer you stories packed full of travel adventures, and now our cycle retreat in the UK for your next adventure. Reach out to us to learn more.

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