10 Ways to have an Adventure in Lockdown



You’ve probably settled at this stage into self-isolation and the lifestyle of quarantine, sweatpants and one exercise per day. Right now, most of us can only dream of the majesty of the mountains or coastal winds and far-ranging vistas. Like me, you are craving an adventure in lockdown.

The “new normal” is taking one fitness visit outside a day, the occasional trip to the store, and other than that… well, we’re impressed if you still have a regular shower. If you get ready every day, you’re doing better than we think many things are. 

What to do

Cooking is a much greater deal than it once was. Flicking through the TV has been a favourite nationally. Drinks from Zoom and pub quizzes are taking off. And lying on the sofa and looking at the wall, of course, has become a future hobby for many. Oh, well. Sitting on the sofa for a whole lot of time and looking out.

I’ve come up with some engaging ways to get your adventure fix from home, so we’re all ready to get back outdoors to see the beautiful world when it’s all done.

Here are my top 10 recommendations for how to get your adventure fix while staying in your homes. If you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments! Right now, it’s all about the adventure community.

1. Explore the World Through an Adventure Book

From the Podcast, there are many books recommended by the guests. Jenny Tough suggested Nan Shepherd, but you could go for one of the Podcast guests books. Charlie Walker’s Through Sand and Snow or recently out with rave reviews is Geordie Stewarts A Rolling Stone.

So, if you’re looking to stoke your travel hunger, there are few better ways to do so than with an excellent outdoor, adventure or travel read. Also, I have a Top 10 list of the best adventure books to read, if neither of those tickles your fancy.

2. Watch Some Adventure Films

At the start of lockdown, I would spend my evenings on the sofa watching some series. But, there are some fantastic adventure movies out there. Everest is a historical adventure film directed and produced by Baltasar Kormákur and written by William Nicholson and Simon Beaufoy. Also, the classic adventure of Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings will undoubtedly set the pulse racing for several hours.

3. Transport into a Cold Polar Adventure Book

Unlike travel books, in that, they are, well, about polar expeditions rather than travel (though many will also get your adventure spirit tingling up the top of far-flung hills wherever you may be). There’s nothing like a story of endurance and survival book to get the blood pumping and the imagination working. That’s why I recommend Alone on the Ice by David Roberts and anything to do with Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition.

4. Watch an excellent Documentary

Watch Free Solo now. I think enough has been said!

5. Sign Up for an Online Class

If you’ve ever thought of trying yoga, then now is the time. You’ve got a whole quite a bit of time on your hands and, let’s be honest; it’s tricky to get motivated to do a fitness class in your own home. But I found Youtube has a wealth of online classes. 

I decided Milly Rose Harrison was as a great place to start. All you need is yourself and a mat, and you’re all set. Perfect for getting rid of the isolation anxiety.

6. Adventure and Travel Podcasts

There are many podcasts out there, which means that if you’re interested in listening to some adventure tales or talks on hot topics in the world of travel, you will almost definitely be able to find a podcast to fit your needs. 

I have discovered Travel Diaries with Holly Rubenstein a great travel podcast which some brilliant guest. 

If you like the immersive experience, the Armchair Explorer is great as it brings sound effects and music to the story. 

If you want to get a better understanding of the Adventurers and Explorers and why they do what they do look no further than  The Modern Adventurer Podcast.

7. Plan a Future Adventure

If you’re like me and have a two-metre-long map in your bedroom, then you will know what fun it is looking at the different parts of the world and planning your next adventure.

Right now, we can’t go on an adventure, but we can think of an adventure, and we can plan an adventure. Now is the best time to upload a Google map, scour the globe and dream about where you might like to go next, and how you might want to explore it.

Are you still interested in cycle touring? Right, it could take a little amount of time mapping out and working on travel paths that you can do right now. Or do you dream of a cycling across Europe or long-distance trekking in Kyrgyzstan? Well, I have the perfect inspiration for your adventure.

8. Challenge Yourself

If you’re a regular outdoor adventurer, then the challenges you face outside are nothing to happen inside. An adventure in lockdown could be to do a 30-day challenge, whether it is meditation every morning, read a book or for my March Challenge, a cold shower every morning. Yes, see if you can withstand the Wim Holf method of a cold shower and see if you feel amazing every day.

9. Epic Adventure in Your House

I have to confess. I have once used my bathtub as a hot tub after a dinner party and the neighbours hated it. It is cosy, but there are many ways to seek adventures in your own home.

An adventure in lockdown could be to turn your living room into a camping ground and put your tent up and sleep in it for a few nights. It will get you ready for wild camping in the summer when we are free to roam  

10. Stare out the window or go for a long walk

So you have tried everything and still no luck, I leave you with two options. You can either; stare out the window and wait for the storm to pass or you can put your boots on and go for an epic walk to a place where you have not gone before and learn to dance in the rain.


Let me know which one you decide in the comments and join me for a 30-day challenge in March when I take a cold shower every day for 30 days.


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