10 Reason why adventures are important


Adventures are right for you in so many different ways. It helps you feel better while providing you with loads of new and exciting experiences. Here are the 10 reasons why adventures are important and post lockdown you should go out and pursue them.

On the Modern Adventure Podcast, we talk about why adventures are important to them, and the answers vary from episode to episode. Everybody wants an excellent adventure, and the only way to do that is by exploring. Beyond the sandy beaches and city escapes, adventure travel will have many advantages, apart from rewarding you with excitement and memories.


Cycling across Europe 2017

1. Prove your abilities

The ultimate belief builder is adventure travel. Having never cycled more than 20 miles before 2012, I then decided to cycle across America. This pushed me further than I had ever pushed myself physically and mentally. It is bound to make you feel invincible cycle more than 100 miles each day, wild camp in a weird and wonderful place. You will survive everything if you stay a successful adventure. Perhaps you are fantastic at resolving disputes. You can better appreciate your excellent capabilities in managing conflict situations or your physical health.

2. Calm under pressure

Adventure travel can build self-confidence and character. Yet facing severe conditions can only help you learn how to cope best with them. To cope with life’s many sides, you will build strength and trust. You can then just shut your eyes every time you have an accident at work and trouble in your life, and look at how you overcame it through adversity before.

3. Gain perspective on your life

A new outlook on life can be offered by witnessing unique circumstances, learning about nature at its rawest, and observing unique cultures and customs. When things around you are so foreign from your own lives, you can see your own problems and the positive things you have even more clearly. You should distance yourself and take a new look at the stuff around you from your present situation. In episode 17, I talk with Benedict Allen about learning from the locals and how it had a massive impact on his life.

4. Live within your means

You won’t have the help of the little luxuries of living on a journey of adventure. In fact, to experience an adventure in the first place, you probably need to learn to leverage your small budget to make the best out of it. You’ll learn to survive and discover those secret tips and lessons to live inside your means. You will become the master of handling your finances, producing a wealth of fantastic experiences. Cycling across Europe in 2017 without money certainly took this to the extreme. I used to make a loaf of bread last two days as it was the only whole meal I would have.

5. Make New relationships

The easiest way to make new people or to improve your current connections is by travelling. You will meet new people, building long-lasting relationships with people you wouldn’t have known otherwise. But because you don’t spend time with them, you will still learn to enjoy the friends you have.


Running across Kenya 2016

6. Improve your health

Outdoor adventures have been found to increase wellbeing, and adventures will therefore increase your overall health. You get more active, you get fresh air, and this will help you improve your mental health and stay strong. The best thing is that you don’t really feel like doing a lot of work, you’re going to have fun, spend time with friends and meet some new people, whether on an adventure or a Cycling Retreat

7. Learn a new skill

You’re bound to learn something new, whether able to speak Spanish with the aid of local herders or mend a flat tyre on a bike. No matter how vague they may be, the talents will be put to use later in life.

8. Grow 

As a part of adventure travel, you will not only get happier, you can also improve your brainpower. According to a report, individuals who exercised outside showed more activation in the brain’s prefrontal cortex than during the workout. Also, adventure has been found to increase memory and learning.

9. Help local communities

Often flying may have a bad name, but there are responsible ways out there, and it is easy to travel in an environmentally friendly manner. In reality, you can bring money into local communities and help people thrive in the world’s remote and impoverished areas if you are good at choosing your destinations. You will help sustain them and grow the local economy by visiting these destinations. A great example of this is in Kenya on Safari

10. Realise your goals and dreams

With the aid of adventures, you will realise your dreams. You will push yourself further outside your comfort zone and discover the true potential. It can also be anything like doing something on your own or with friends.


The above shows, adventure travel, is excellent for you in many different respects. It helps you sleep happier on the inside than outside, by providing you with lots of new experiences. New skills and qualities that can be put to fair use later in life can be learned. Hopefully, I have explained why adventures are important and now I say to you, do not wait any longer, but head out there on an adventure!


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